Private Chef Services in Richmond, Virginia, Maryland, & Washington, D.C.

Specializing in private chef services, Exquisite Gourmet Service LLC. brings professional chefs in Richmond, Virginia, right to your front door. Our chefs are certified and trained to prepare superior cuisine, as well as cater to your individual dietary and nutritional needs.

Better Food, Better Life
It’s not just about eating healthily, but improving your quality of living by eating good food. Food that is not only good for you, but tastes delicious, will make you feel great. Imagine the convenience of having nutritious, gourmet cuisine prepared for you right in your own home.

Skilled Chefs

You don’t have to go out to a five-star restaurant when our professional chefs bring gourmet quality cuisine to you. As graduates of the internationally renowned cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu®, our chefs cook with creativity and superior skill. We specialize in dishes from the Italian and French cuisines, creating beautiful, delicious, and nutritious meals you will love.

Professional Service

Not only skilled in the kitchen, our personal chefs offer punctual, personable service. We are always on time, and we are highly organized, labeling your meals and providing you with specific instructions on how to warm them. Feel relief in knowing that we have provided you with the most time-efficient meal options possible.

Catering Services

In addition to providing personal cooking services, we extend our culinary skills to provide catering for parties and large events. Provide buffet-style service for your guests with gourmet, international cuisine prepared by professional chefs according to your desires.