Specializing in private chef services, Exquisite Gourmet Service LLC. brings professional chefs in Richmond, Virginia, right to your front door. Our chefs are certified and trained to prepare superior cuisine, as well as cater to your individual dietary and nutritional needs.

Better Food, Better Life

It’s not just about eating healthily, but improving your quality of living by eating good food. Food that is not only good for you, but tastes delicious, will make you feel great. Imagine the convenience of having nutritious, gourmet cuisine prepared for you right in your own home.

Chef Rommel is an executive Chef specializing in French cuisine. He was born in Central America in Nicaragua and raised in Miami FL since he was 5. He first realized he want to become a chef when he was in high school, but that’s not always what he wanted to be. Growing up he always saw his self being an artist and to be recognized worldwide for his painting.

Ultimately he realized that was not his calling in life. One of things that were installed in him as a young boy is to always keep God and your family first, because he followed that motto he was always hanging around with his family and they were always cooking. He did not see his potential just yet, all he knew was that he could cook. During many family gatherings Chef Rommel was undeniable and if it was not for his family pushing him we would not have the amazing chef we have today.

After high school Chef Rommel perfected his craft at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school of Paris graduating with an associate’s degree in a culinary art and management. His debut as chef was at hotel Barceló Dominican beach resort in Punta Cana after conquering that challenge Chef Rommel worked in the industry of culinary for 4 years before moving to Richmond VA, he became instructor of culinary art and servsafe. His experience, passion, and love for food inspired him to start EXQUISITE GOURMET SERVICE.